Hari OM Tat Sat !    SATYA (Truth) PREM (Love)  KARUNA (Compassion)  Seva with Sumiran!
One Pleasant St., Woburn, Massachusetts 01801 USA
CELBRATION OF 25TH ANNIVERSARY of SATSANG Center  Plz NOTE the Change in the date:            AUG 5th Sunday  

Dinner from 4 to 5:30 PM f

 followed by Bollywood Mehfil, Raas Garba Bhangra  performed  by       "7 Stars Group" of Vadodara India.   PLACE:   Bhakta Samaj Center   147 St. Tyngsborough MA 01879 

July & Musical Evening Aug 5th Sunday 4 PM

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Weekdays Darshan & Aarati: 7 to 8 PM with Aarati @ 7:30 PM, Weekends:          4 to 5PM w/ aarati @ 4:30 PM  

25th Anniversary year

SATSANG Center Youtube Channel

SATSANG Center - Calendar MAY 2018

1. Guru Purnima Jayanti

July 29th Sun 2 pm,

Aarati 4:30 Pm followed 

by MahaPrasad.

All R welcome!  U can bring your Guru's Picture or special Gift to you. 

2. Plz NOTE the Change in the date:            AUG 5th Sunday  

Dinner from 4 to 5:30 PM f

                      followed by 

Cultural Program.  

 Sangeet, Bhajans, &

Raas-Garba performed 

by "7 Stars Group" 

                   of Vadodara India.  

         PLACE:   Bhakta Samaj Center  

147 Frost Street  Tyngsborough MA 01879                  satsangcenter1@gmail.com

SATSANG Center is a highly accessible destination in Metro Boston area for personal spiritual growth, family transformation & social change          * व्यक्ति निर्माण * परिवार निर्माण * समाज निर्माण * का साधना केंद्र * सत्संग केंद्र * Home   * सत्संग * સત્સંગ * ਸਤਸੰਗ * சத்சங் * সত্সাং *

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हरिः ॐ  

॥ श्री गणेशाय नमः ॥

॥ ब्रह्मा मुरारी त्रिपुरांतकारी 

भानु: शशि भूमि सुतो बुधश्च।

गुरुश्च शुक्र शनि राहु केतवः

सर्वे ग्रहा शांति करा भवंतु।।

कुर्वन्ति सर्वे ममः सुप्रभातम् ॥

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