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Yoga - योग साधना

Yoga - योग साधना is SATSANG's way of promoting positive health (स्वस्थ शरीर) and pure mind (निर्मल मन)

Our Yoga teachers are highly committed and have decades of experience: 
  1. Shri Sudhir Parikh 
  2. Shrimati Niru Parikh

On special occasions SATSANG also hosts invited Yoga Teachers and योगाचार्य for the benefit of SATSANG Community.

Health Yoga for Women

posted Jun 6, 2011, 1:38 PM by web master   [ updated Jun 6, 2011, 1:42 PM ]

Yoga lessons by Shrimati Pankaj Patel

Starting Sunday,  June 5, 2011, 
Every Sunday this June from 9:30AM-1030AM @ Satsangcenter

Promotion Of Positive Health - VYASA Yoga

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in affiliation with SVYASA University, Bangalore


Possible Dates:    Plz indicate your preferences:


June 10-11-12, June 17-18-19, June 24-25-26


There would be at least two sessions from these dates.   

Fri 8 pm to Sun 5 pm


Laxmi Niwas, 169 Daniel Plummer Road, GOFFSTOWN NH 03045


Open to all participants - beginners or advance, & regardless of age.

Contribution - $125/- per Session


2.     Teacher's Training  (YIC) is also offered.  Plz inquire for the details.

Certificate from SVYASA YOGA University (Bangaloreis awarded upon successful completion.

Those of U, who have attended one of the past PPH Programs will receive some financial credit.


INTERESTED ???          

Plz contact Sudhir 603-623-1930 or 603-661-7101 (cell) nirusudhir22@yahoo.com,  http://sudhirparikh.blogspot.com

 Please indicate your preferences:  For which Program – PPH Session or Teacher Training (YIC).

I  25 Hours Training Includes:


1.        26 Asanas – Postures to relax body,

2.        Structured Pranayam – to energize the Energy body and slow down the breathing for Healthy Longevity,

3.        OM Meditation for Peaceful Mind & Cyclic Meditation for Stress Management  

4.        Kriyas (Cleansing Procedures) such as:

A.     Neti for Nasal Allergy & Respiratory Problems,

B.     Trataka (Eyes) to improve eye sight & Concentration,

C.    Vaman Dhauti for Digestive Disorders namely Acidity,

D.    Shankha Prakhshalan (Basti) to cleanse our whole tract for host of problems.

5.        Related Yoga Theories – Four Streams of YOGA for appreciation & proper understanding of YOGA system.

6.        Material includes Written Instructions, Book, Audio & Video CDs.

7.        Weight Management, Anger Management, If time permits /


(25 Hours – Credited Towards 100 Hours

YIC - YOGA Instructor's Certification)



II.  Trainers Niru & Sudhir Parikh: 

We have 12 Teachers Certified by www.sVyasa.org with this program.  Teaching YOGA since 1990.  Have experience in different YOGA Schools such as Baba Ramdev, www.svyasa.org,  Shivananda, Brahmananda, Vinyasa, SSY – Siddh Samadhi YOGA, AOL – Art of Living, Pranic Healing, ....


Give Yourself a GIFT of YOGA .....

Invest 25hrs to Transform Your LIFE..

Nataraja YOGA Center is a Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt Organization.

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